Advanced Electron Microscopy

Three-dimensional electron diffraction

Three-dimensional electron diffraction (3DED) is a powerful technique for structural analysis of crystals in nano-scale. Using transmission electron microscopes, it breaks the ground that single crystal structure determination can only be accessible for large crystals (> 5 μm) by X-ray techniques. We are applying 3DED in structural elucidation of nanoporous materials, and advance our knowledge on structure-property relationships. We are also actively developing new 3DED techniques to reveal more details of functional materials.

Selected Reviews

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Selected Research Articles

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High resolution imaging methods

High resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (HR-(S)TEM) imaging can provide detailed information about atomic arrangements in real space. By using aberration-corrected TEM, we are investigating the atomic structures of nanoporous materials in a sub-nanometer resolution, particularly for their local structures and defects.

Selected Research Articles

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