Postdoctoral positions

MSCA postdoctoral fellow in TEM/MOFs/zeolites

Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), with about 150 employees, is a leading institution in materials synthesis and processing, structural characterization, and materials applications. It includes physical, inorganic, structural, and materials chemistry, the latter constituting one of the leading research directions at Stockholm University. Important characterization methods at the department today are X-ray, electron and neutron crystallography, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and various spectroscopic methods.

Project description

We are looking for candidates who have strong background in TEM/MOFs/zeolites for applying Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship. Currently, there are two high priority research topics in the group. (1) Development and application of advanced TEM techniques for studying nanoporous materials. (2) Development of novel nanoporous materials for environment and energy applications.


Please submit your application by email to Dr. Zhehao Huang (, with the subject title “MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship ”. The application should include the following information:

• CV – degrees and other completed courses, work experience and a list of publications

Motivation (max 1 page)